June 20, 2013

Retiring Old Glory

Retiring Old Glory

Members of Garrison’s Hugh P. Minehan Post 49 American Legion held a flag disposal ceremony Monday evening in the Garrison City Park. Six flags were disposed of at the conclusion of the retirement ceremony.
The event, normally held June 14, Flag Day, was postponed in Garrison because of windy weather. The purpose of the American Legion in adopting this ceremony was to encourage proper respect for the Flag of the United States and to provide for disposal of unserviceable flags in a dignified manner.
The procedure to dispose of, or retire a worn American flag, parallels that of the ceremony which takes place during the burial of a fallen soldier or deceased veteran.
The ceremony is held in a public place and in the evening – and most generally on Flag Day. The flag or flags to be retired are done so with honor.
The Sergeant-at-arms presents the flags for inspection first to the second vice commander, then to the first vice commander, and, finally, to the commander for final inspection.

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