February 19, 2009

Riverdale council officials walk out

Riverdale council officials walk out
The City of Riverdale is short a pair of council members and an auditor following a heated debate over a rental matter. The falling out came during the Feb. 9 council meeting.
Disagreement arose among council members when Kristy Mattoon, who rents space from the city for her business, the Hair Salon, inquired as to why she is required to pay taxes on her location while other individuals who rented space for storage in the past did not.
New council member Marc Schulz, who has served on the board since Jan. 19, replacing Dee Hinsz, sympathized with Mattoon. Hearing her complaint, Schulz offered that Mattoon’s fee be suspended for one year. Coming on-board to support the idea was council member Ken Skuza.
The city rents space in its buildings for 25 cents per square foot. Officials note the city is tax exempt, but occupants of rental space are required to pay taxes on their area. According to city documents, Mattoon’s lease agreement requires that she is responsible for taxes on the property.

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