December 23, 2014

Riverdale more or less mayor-less


By Suzanne Werre

BHG News Service

The City of Riverdale is currently without a mayor again following the resignation of Mayor Marc Schulz at the end of the Monday, Dec. 8 council meeting in Riverdale.

According to City Auditor Del Kolke, at the end of the regular meeting when the council was going through committee reports, Schulz submitted his letter of resignation, to be effective immediately.

The mayoral seat was declared vacant, and council President Nita Anderson, who had just been named president earlier in that meeting, assumed control of the meeting.

According to Kolke, according to North Dakota Century Code, the city now must wait 15 days from the vacating of the seat to allow people to petition for a special election to elect a mayor. If no one petitions to have a special election, the council may then appoint someone from the current governing body to the mayoral position.

Then there would be a vacancy on the council, left by whoever was appointed mayor, and there would again be the possibility of another special election.

Kolke noted that Schulz has been on the council for several years, and has most recently been on the council for the past five years, as well as previously.

Schulz could not be reached for comment regarding his resignation or his many years serving on the Riverdale City Council.

Other new business during the council meeting saw the completion of the oath of office as a new city council member for Leland Bertsch, who was recently elected in Riverdale’s special election.

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