March 26, 2009

Road closings begin in county

Road closings begin in county
With all the snow across the county this winter it was inevitable -- water, water, water everywhere.
At Monday’s final meeting of the month of the McLean County Commission, Highway Superintendent Ron Wagner informed the board there are several road closings in the county due to water. He told commissioners he hopes the cooler weather will help.
“We have a lot of water issues out there,” said Wagner.
As of Monday, roads closed due to water were near Riverdale and Raub.
“And I’m sure there’s going to be lots and lots more,” he feared.
Hearing his concern Commissioner Steve Lee told Wagner to close roads at his discretion and questioned if the county had adequate signage.
“I sure hope so,” Wagner replied.
Commissioner Julie Hudson Schenfisch added, “We can’t afford for anyone to get hurt.”
Wagner also alerted commissioners that even though the snow is receding, it doesn’t mean that extra hours for county highway crews will be coming down any time soon.
“I imagine we’ll need some hours to get these roads put back in shape,” he added.
Crews were already out this week, barricading where water is flowing over the roads.

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