August 8, 2018

Run Nate Run

Runner Nate Peterson reached new heights – literally and figuratively – when he was the fastest male in the recent Maah Dah Hey Trail marathon in the Badlands.
Clocking in after four hours and 24 minutes, Peterson wasn’t sure his body was going to hold out. But mentally, he was determined.
“I had never run more than 17 miles before in my life,” he said.
When he approached the 19-mile checkpoint, he was in physical pain. He said his hips and legs were sore.
“It was sore to move them,” he said. “They didn’t have much zip to them.”
He was in first place, still ahead of a women who ended the 26.2 miles 17 minutes before him.
“Oh my gosh, I was thinking, I don’t know how I’m going to finish this.”
But Peterson isn’t a quitter. He said, “I couldn’t really rationalize quitting in first place.”

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