April 19, 2012

Ryder annex plan to Max fails

Ryder annex plan to Max fails

The verdict is final, and a segment of land of the Lewis and Clark School District in the Ryder area that supporters hoped would be annexed to Max will remain as is.
Petitioners wanting to have their property annexed to Max, along with those asking that the property remain in the Lewis and Clark District, met in Bismarck Monday.
The two sides plead their case at a hearing, giving, in some cases, impassioned testimony before the North Dakota State Board of Public Education
The board of public education includes Chairman Darrel Remington; Dr. Wayne Sanstead, N.D. Superintendent of Schools; Bonnie Fetch, Dr. Brian Duchsherer, Tim Mairs, Val Moritz, David Richter, and Jeff Lind. Also seated at the table was LeAnn Snyder, attorney.
The board heard from a number of supporters of both sides of the issue. In a hearing that lasted more than five hours, the board scoured over maps and through documentation with a fine-tooth comb. Keeping a poker face as to how their hand would eventually be played when it came time to vote, board members listened intently to testimony. Each member asked a number of questions, wanting to learn as much about the proposed Ryder annexation plan as possible before making a decision that would impact both districts. Once testimony was closed, the board reviewed each school’s make up, then, deliberation took place.

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