August 18, 2011

School bond issue imminent

School bond issue imminent

It’s full steam ahead on school building improvements that for the time being won’t cost the taxpayers anything extra. But that’s just until a bond issue can get a pass from the voters.
A committee working on building and grounds issues at the Garrison schools decided that “relatively inexpensive” improvements could be made before going to the taxpayers with a bond issue.
A bond issue is imminent. Committee members favored, and brought to the full board Tuesday evening, the idea of a bond issue that would place a new elementary building east of the high school. The next step will be for the building committee and the architect to make some decisions at a meeting Sept. 8 and for the board to review at the Sept. 20 meeting.
Steve Seidler, board member, suggested that a new elementary building at the high school site but he still expressed uncertainty.
“I’m not sure what direction we should head,” he said. “Is it a bond issue in the spring, a whole new elementary school? Everyone has different ideas. Everyone on this board has different ideas.”
Bonnie Nygard, committee chairman, said the committee favored a bond issue, “It was thought by the majority of the committee that we should see what voter response we get from the public.”

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