February 23, 2012

School bond vote delayed

School bond vote delayed

It took just a few minutes for the Garrison School Board to decide Feb. 15 to postpone the bond election on additions and remodeling to both schools.
Superintendent Steve Brannan raised the issue: “I want the board to consider, is this the right time to take this to the voters?”
The biggest stumbling block the board was facing is Measure 2, which if approved by the voters in June, would eliminate property taxes. Bond issues are paid through property tax assessments and passage of Measure 2 would eliminate that source. If the bond election were given the voters’ approval, where would the money come from?
The second frustration came from Bonnie Nygard, the board member who has led the charge on the remodeling and addition plans. She complained that planning with the architect has been a slow process. “Things take so long. If we have this vote in June, are we really going to have time to campaign for it. Are you going to have time to get the word out?”
Nygard also expressed concern that an $8 million bond issue will not be enough.

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