September 15, 2011

School building plans get another look

School building plans get another look

The phrase “no pain, no gain” took on new life at a meeting of a group of school board members last week.
Three Garrison school board members wrestled again with some refining of building expansion and remodeling plans to try to move closer to something to take to the public as a bond issue. At moments the pain of compromise was obvious as board members continue to try to develop a plan that benefits the students while pleasing the public’s pocketbook.
The full school board will look at two options Sept. 20:
A new elementary next to the high school, along with a vo-tech/ag classroom and lunchroom at the high school or a remodeled elementary school with two classrooms and a remodeled and expanded high school with up to three new classrooms, new library, lunchroom and vo-tech/ag classroom.

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