August 20, 2009

School counts up 9% in Garrison, White Shield

School counts up 9% in Garrison, White Shield
Number of students at Max about same
The summer is over. It’s back to school for area students.
In Garrison and White Shield and Lewis and Clark North Shore, classes begin today (Thursday). Max has its first day of class on Monday.
School officials in Garrison note there were 154 registered in Grades 7-12 as of Tuesday. There are 203 students registered in preschool through Grade 6. Registration was this past week, and school officials said those numbers could fluctuate. The number of students in the two schools is up about 9 percent, going from 329 the first day of class in 2008 to 357 this year.
At Max, preliminary enrollment figures as of Tuesday had 159 students in grades K-12. That number is consistent with last year’s opening day enrollment which also was 159.
Lewis and Clark North Shore has 28 students in Grades 1-6 at Ryder and 66 students in grades 7-12 at Makoti. School officials note preschool and kindergarten are at the Plaza school. North Shore’s enrollment the first day of school last year was 113 compared to 94 this year – but last year’s numbers included kindergarten.

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