August 27, 2014

School enrollments vary



Enrollment numbers continue to fluctuate at area schools.

While Max student counts are up, White Shield has fewer students. At North Shore and Underwood, enrollment is consistent with this spring.

Garrison saw a drop in enrollment, while Wilton notices an increase.

After all calculations, the Washburn School has increased in size by 12 students, thanks in part to a small 2014 graduating class and a much-larger 2014-15 kindergarten class.


At Garrison this year, there are fewer students – 416 the last day of school to 405 counted this past Thursday. But that doesn’t mean things won’t change. School officials said at the elementary level the school gained 21 new students in various grades. At the same time, 21 students have relocated, no longer attending Bob Callies Elementary, since May.

At the high school level there are five new students, but eight have relocated since the close of school this spring.


School officials at Max said 10 new students have been added. In May, enrollment for Pre-K to 12 was 206. First-day enrollment in Pre-K to 12 is 216. Graduating classes are similar. Seventeen graduated in May, and there are 16 seniors this year. In preschool, the number is 15 and in kindergarten, 18.
North Shore

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