June 18, 2014

Schools get updates


"Just because previous bond issues have failed doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made."

Those are the words of Steven Brannan, superintendent of the Garrison Public School system.

Brannan said the board and administration still think it is necessary to expand, but don’t want the previous failed bond issues to impede their ability to update the school for learning, safety and security purposes.

While playing the waiting game, school officials decided to take action this summer, taking items off the table by continuing to move forward with smaller improvements. A benefit of this is that proposed future bond issues can then focus on immediate classroom needs.

One of the major projects is the updating of the heating in both the elementary and high school. This is a top priority after the issues of freeze ups this past winter.

"We’ve had some minor problems before, but never in the 11 years I’ve been here have I experienced such a major freeze," said Brannan, speaking about the five pipe freeze ups that happened in the northeast portion of the high school.

The update to the heating systems includes both schools having air conditioned classrooms starting, the goal is, this fall. Along with this update, there is also an upgrade on insulation and windows. This is all included in the $800,000 it will take to complete this first major project.

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