March 31, 2011

Seniors hear school plans

Seniors hear school plans

Garrison senior citizens would like to learn more about what is planned for expansion of Garrison’s two school complexes.
By all indications, Friday’s meeting at the senior center was a good first step, with more meetings planned.
Wayne Whitty of Anderson, Wayne & Whitty, Minot, the contracted architect for planning a school expansion, spoke to seniors. He shared what has transpired in regard to a proposed expansion project.
Whitty fielded a number of questions. He told what is in place at both school complexes. He said there is a lack of space at the elementary school, adding that additional classrooms are needed. Those rooms could accommodate counseling, title programs and computer labs.
At the high school level, a commons area is desired, he said. The commons could accommodate a concession area for athletic events. A heat and serve kitchen is another item that has been suggested as well as a performing arts theater which could double as a venue for community events.
The feeling of some of those questioned is that continued visits from school officials and board members is important.
Clifford Dockter, one of those in attendance, said the presentation was, in his opinion, very informative. Though he did not have any children attend Garrison, he said he supports the school.
“I think you need to improve so our kids can get the best education they can,” he said.”
He added, “If they are going to do improvements, now is the time … because costs will continue to go up.”
Evelyth Wohlk, originally from the Ryder-Douglas area, said she is unfamiliar with the school system, but had grandchildren who attended Garrison. She also thought the presentation was informative.
Naomi Bovkoon, said she hasn’t decided if she’s for an expansion project.

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