April 8, 2015

Sewer project OK'd


"Smile, you're on candid camera," will be the catch phrase to hundreds of feet of city sanitary sewer lines this summer.

At their meeting Monday night, council members OK'd a proposal by Brian Julius of Moore Engineering to clean, record and televise the city's main sanitary lines. The cost is $80,000.

Initially, the lines will be cleaned. They will then be scoped with a tool that includes a camera. A recording of the lines will be made. The recording enables city officials to watch the progress of the tool as it travels down the various lines. A report will be provided and the city's Utilities Committee and it will be able to review the tapes to see if there are cracks or breaks in the lines.

Julius said there is no other way to know the condition of the lines without scoping. Many lines have been in the ground for more than 50 years. Doing so would give the city an idea of what to expect and what areas need to be addressed.

"It’s a plan for the future," Julius said.

Mayor Shannon Jeffers told the council it's a precursor to moving on with the city's capital improvement plan.

Julius added, "This is the step to get you there."

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