April 22, 2015

She's a natural

Garrison woman trains dogs


Sit, lay down, roll over, and stick ‘em up are all of the many dog tricks that Kasey Seidler, Garrison, can teach your dog. Seidler has always had a love for animals. "If someone shares an animal fact I will always remember it," said Seidler. She started training this past August for some dogs in the Garrison area.

Seidler has a degree in psychology. She grew up in California and later went to college with plans to work with more exotic animals. Some of the exotic animals she has trained are elephants, lions, and river otters.

"My psychology degree has helped me in many ways not only in training animals but in aspects of life as well," said Seidler.

She meet her husband Ben while they were in Costa Rica for school. In 2011 she moved to Garrison. Since moving, she and her husband Ben have gotten married. She currently works at Garrison State Bank & Trust. At night she will train or exercise her clients’ dogs.

"It all started when one of my customers, who I just exercised their dog at the time, asked if I also did training," said Seidler. Her passion has blossomed ever since. Seidler is currently training two dogs.

Seidler is a natural with dogs. Dogs that she trains have a natural sense and respond very well to her. The dogs react extremely well with her as she has a natural talent and knows when and how to say the commands.

She said, "When she is training a dog she always like a dog owner to be involved as well."

"That way I can teach the owner instincts and timing of when to say sit, lay down etc…".

With training, Seidler can teach

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