March 29, 2012

Should Garrison hire an administrator or manager?

Should Garrison hire an administrator or manager?

Does the City of Garrison need to change the makeup of its governing body? More specifically, should the city hire a manager or administrator?
During Monday’s Governmental Affairs Committee meeting, chamber members discussed the possibility of adding a full-time person to the city’s payroll.
Shannon Jeffers, Garrison mayor, described a minor difference between the two titles. He noted it would require a successful ballot question to bring a city manager on board. On the other hand, he said, a city administrator could be hired by the council; no public vote required.
Other than the fact that it would take a public vote to hire a city manager, Jeffers said he couldn’t find a difference in duties that each might be called on to perform.
Even though Jeffers said he initially supported the idea of adding an employee to manage city affairs, he said he’s had second thoughts.

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