December 10, 2014

Singin' about the lake


A poet and songwriter in Texas who never fished Lake Sakakawea wrote a song about it. The tune, aptly called "Lake Sakakawea," tells the story of forsaking all other activities to fish the lake.

Working at a pawn shop, Mike Kimbro, poem and song writer in the Dallas area, felt inspired to put pen to paper after visiting with close friend Chris Sturgeon, a man who spent more than four years in western North Dakota as an electrician, working on oil rigs in the Bakken.

Kimbro spends his leisure time writing poems and lyrical songs, singing some of them, too.

Kimbro's website,, presents a link to his poems and song lyrics titled "Pawn Shop Perspectives." He says he chose this name because he works in a pawn shop and creates most of his ideas there.

"For the past five years, I’ve heard stories by my customers, and this exposure has expanded me beyond the man I was," Kimbro said.

During the past year, a couple customers spoke of their time spent in the northwestern part of North Dakota. More recently, a close friend had made many trips to the state, confirming some of what Kimbro heard. That person was Sturgeon.

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