January 3, 2018

Skating into the new year

Crawford Arena is the place to be this winter
More than 180 kids have glided onto the ice at the Crawford Skate Arena in just a week’s time.
It is no secret that the arena is the place for kids to be this winter.
“The skating arena is about the closest thing we have to a community center for kids in the winter,” one of the rink’s managers, Ramsey Crawford said. “This gives the community something to do during the season.”
Along with the usual hot chocolate and skating festivities, this year is special at the arena.
“It is another Winter Olympics year, therefore we are having our winter Olympics too,” Crawford said.
Every time the Winter Olympics rolls around, the Garrison rink has it’s own Olympic games.
“This year I found a huge compass and will etch the Olympic rings into the ice and spray paint them,” Crawford said. “We will start when the actual Olympics start, Feb. 8.”
Crawford said every four years, the kids look forward to the games.

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