February 10, 2011

Skating rink roof collapses

Skating rink roof collapses

Old age and excess weight – it’s a recipe for doing anybody, or anything in. And it did this past weekend when abundant snow on the roof of the indoor skating rink became just too much to bear.
The roof of the building succumbed to the burden of snow and age this past Saturday evening. City officials cordoned off the area Monday to keep onlookers from getting too close to the structure.
The building (50x100) is city-owned. Council members at their meeting Monday reiterated that even though the walls remain relatively in tact, the structure remains a hazard. City officials agreed it would be in their best interest to level the structure for safety purposes. The building will be flattened as soon as insurance papers are completed.
“If its laid over, at least it will keep the kids from messing around the area,” reasoned Alderman Gene Hummel.
Once spring arrives the remains will be hauled to the landfill. The building was insured, and a claim will be filed with the city’s insurance provider, State Fire and Tornado.
Questioned whether there are plans to rebuild, council members said it was too early to say, but consensus is that a replacement should be built.

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