January 1, 2009

Snow comes again

Snow comes again


When is enough, enough?

Mother Nature made sure there would be plenty of scooping to last the rest of the year, dumping more than 13 inches of the white stuff on the Garrison area late Monday evening, carrying on into Tuesday.

The snowfall brings the total for the month to 36 inches.

Sharon Schwarz, Garrison’s official weather observer, said the snow was light, with only .41 of moisture.

With minimal wind the snow, for the most part, laid where it fell, creating difficult driving conditions at best for those daring to fight the knee-deep snow.

Schwarz said the beauty of how the snow fell tempers the impact – to an extent.

"Its beautiful, as long as you don’t have to get out in it," she said.

This snow fell with temperatures hovering at about 10 degrees, which is a far cry from the last blizzard (Dec. 14) where temps were in the double digits below zero.

December snowfall records were falling like dominos as both Bismarck and Williston recorded more than 32 inches of snow for the month.

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