February 26, 2014

Snowmobilers found

snowmobilers found

County breathes sigh of relief


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Editor’s note: Some information courtesy Sheridan Press, Wyoming


With a gathering of concern, panic, and faith, members of the communities of Washburn, Turtle Lake, Mercer and surrounding towns, stepped back from their daily routines to listen and look for information on missing men from their home communities or where relatives of the men lived.

A group of five men (three classmates and two of their sons) from Turtle Lake, Mercer and Washburn, went on a snowmobiling trip to the Big Horn Mountain area in Wyoming. These men are Chad Tweeten, Rod Schilling, and stepson Dustin Schlichting, James Murray, and son Jaren who grew up together and have spent countless hours outdoors in winter weather and snowmobiling over the years.

The following is the report from the Sheridan Press, written by Davis and released by Sheridan Press Editor Kristen Czaban for use in BHG newspapers.

"Lt Conrad of the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office said the five were found in the west fork of Horse Creek Mesa just after 1 p.m. this past Saturday. He said they were requesting gas, as they had run out, but would not require medical attention.

"Conrad said he expected the five men would return to Bear Lodge within a couple of hours.

"In a vivid reminder of how quickly weather can change in the mountains, five experienced snowmobilers from North Dakota were stranded for nearly 50 hours in a whiteout in Horse Creek Mesa on the south side of Hunt Mountain near U.S. Highway 14A over the weekend.

"More than 100 people assisted with the search and rescue effort that began at approximately 4:45 p.m. Thursday and ended at 5 p.m. Saturday with all five men safely returned to Bear Lodge. No injuries were reported.

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