May 24, 2017

Sporting uncertainty in Max

Athletic future for school unclear
With the resignation of former Max School Athletic Director Jade Larson and nobody coming forward to take the job, the future for sports in Max may not be a bright one.
So far, the position has been posted, not only in the school, but also in the community, for more than a month with only one person showing interest, according to Superintendent Pat Windish.
Windish said once the individual received more specifics on the job and salary, they were no longer interested.
“Where do we move forward without an athletic director? What will happen to our athletic programs if nobody steps up and takes on the responsibility?” Windish addressed the board. “We seriously need to take a look at this in June. In a sense we are good until schools starts, but after that we need it start on basketball.”
The board expressed concern for the vitality of the sports program, as not a single employee at the school will consider the position.

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