November 13, 2019

Steps toward full spots co-op

Garrison, Max reps meet to discuss for first time since Garrison ultimatum
For the first time since Garrison issued an ultimatum for Max to vote for a full sports co-op by December, representatives from the two school districts met for a co-op committee meeting Nov. 6.
Garrison Superintendent Nick Klemisch opened the meeting, revealing that he and Max Superintendent Travis Engen had sat down and talked about the full co-op (which would effectively mean merging the districts’ girls and boys basketball teams), and he was optimistic about its future.
However, Max board members still felt communication was lacking. At the last co-op meeting on Sept. 23, Garrison representatives asked Max to consider merging the girls’ basketball teams, which the full Max board discussed at their Oct. 21 meeting under the impression they would have a few months to decide.
On that same day, Garrison’s board unanimously passed a motion that if the Max School Board did not unanimously vote to enter a full co-op including both girls and boys teams for the 2020/2021 school year on or before their December meeting, they would recommend terminating the co-op altogether.
“The reason that this meeting was supposed to be held was at our last meeting we wanted to know where our girls’ basketball situation was at and we were actually talking about working together on a girls’ team,” Max School Board President Galen Scheresky said. “Maybe I was sleeping at the last meeting, but I sure don’t remember talking about a full co-op.”
In response, Garrison school board member Kelly Cooper said, “I’m getting a lot of feedback from parents, teachers, coaches, everybody that says that we give you guys way too many concessions with this co-op thing.”
The two proceeded to argue over the quality of some Max sports facilities, with Scheresky admitting that some improvements have been delayed due to staffing changes.

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