June 10, 2015

Storm clouds brewing

June rainfall traditionally causes issues


When it rains, it pours. That seems to be the conversation going around town since this past weekend.

The rain started early Saturday morning and went through the day and evening, eventually reaching up to 2.65 inches in Garrison. Ironically, it’s the same date, June 6, as the 1999 flood that caused extensive damage in the immediate area.

Multiple problem spots around town were affected, including the low-lying section of Fifth Street, Sixth Avenue near the high school and south Garrison, around Trooper Avenue. Wilderness Park was also flooded.

However, this aftermath has all been seen before.

"The rain stretched some spots that hadn’t been stretched in a while," Mayor Shannon Jeffers said. "But nothing new."

Surrounding areas were rained on as well, including Ryder, where it was unofficially reported at 1.70 inches.

White Shield appeared to have more rainfall, as there was a lot of standing water reported.

Randy Wagner, the official weather observer for Max, reported the town getting about 1.90 inches.

"We didn’t get hit too hard," Wagner said, but added that wet roads had slowed down the spraying and grain hauling process.

CHS Garrison Agronomist Shane Crawford related with Wagner.

"Everybody will be a little behind in spraying," Crawford said, but he quickly added that it wasn’t a bad thing.

"Moisture is good," he said. "Some areas were pretty dry."

Various amounts of rainfall were reported.

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