August 6, 2009

Strong support for veteran teachers

Strong support for veteran teachers
Impasse hearing held
There was no fat lady singing. There wasn’t even a hint of a song being hummed during the impasse hearing between the Garrison Education Association and the district’s school board.
About 45 teachers, retired teachers, family members and three community members observed a nearly three-hour hearing Monday afternoon where each side presented its position.
Although both sides had their own tune, a team of mediators tried to encourage a harmonious chord before their exit.
Negotiations failed June 22 when teachers and the school board were unable to reach a compromise over four points, the biggest one being the means of determining salaries.
Mediators – two former educators and one school board member on the Educational Fact-finding Commission – heard the issues and will provide some suggestions within 7-10 days. Once the suggestions have been received, the sides have 20 days to meet and adopt the recommendations, agree to some of the recommendations or let the 20 days lapse without an agreement. If there is no agreement, teachers would work without a contract.
Chairman Tom Hesford repeated his point a couple of times: “None of this is personal. This should not pull a community apart. Ever. When it’s all said and done with … you’re all still going to be here and you’re all still going to like being a part of this community.”

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