March 4, 2015

Surge funds coming

Some county communities to benefit


Garrison City Council members received a pleasant surprise Monday night. For that matter, so will city officials in some other McLean County communities.

Dollar amounts from the surge bill that was passed by the North Dakota Legislature last week and signed by the Governor have been announced.

Garrison’s parcel – $652,769.67. The check will be deposited Friday, said City Auditor Diane Affeldt.

"We were very fortunate," said Affeldt, with a smile.

Looking over the numbers, Mayor Shannon Jeffers agreed: "We did very well."

"This will take care of a lot of our street problems this year," Affeldt added.

With the influx of funds fresh in his mind, Jeffers said he’d like the council develop a capital improvement plan, urging it to begin prioritizing projects that need addressing.

"We need a better method of getting things done so it doesn’t get prolonged," Jeffers said.

Expanding on Jeffers’ idea was Alderman Paul Schlichting.

"We should have a plan in place for this year, next year and five years…," he said.

Surge funding figures are population based. The prime purpose of the funds is for shovel ready projects or infrastructure. The bill invests $1.1 billion into infrastructure throughout the state; $40 million is going to the 10 largest oil producing counties, $172 million to the four largest cities affected by the influx of oil activity, $100 million to the rest of the cities in that area and $10 million to fringe areas which the western part of McLean County is part.

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