January 31, 2018

Taking another swing

Garrison and Max plan co-op meeting
There may be just 18 miles between Garrison and Max, but every mile, down to the inch, was felt at both cities’ school board meetings Jan. 24.
Meeting on the same night, at the same time, in different cities the school boards each decided to take another stab at a conversation about sports co-oping.
Garrison board members weighed the options on whether both schools were willing to put their differences aside. In Max, the consensus of the board was that differences did need to be put aside in hopes of fixing the current co-op situation. Garrison officials spoke of the differences but agreed to go back to the table one more time.
Kevin Rime, Garrison board member, said many people – from high school students to older adults – told him it was time to drop all sports co-ops with Max. Board President Rodger Affeldt said he heard the same.
At last month’s meeting, Garrison was ready to pull the plug following disagreements between the schools in an attempt to discuss a full co-op. This month’s meeting mirrored the reservations.
Rime said, “Evidently it’s not working.”
Garrison Schools Superintendent Nick Klemisch said if the school were to dissolve the current co-ops of football, track, cross country and baseball, some sports would continue for the next school year. Klemisch said football and cross country, and possibly baseball, would continue for the 2018-2019 because of previous scheduling.

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