January 11, 2017

Taking fun to the extreme

Max man finds joy in snow
Frosty is alive and well, living near Max, only now he goes by Big Bob. Towering over the Plesuk farmstead at 13 feet, he is a sight to see.
Robbin Plesuk is one of the few people in North Dakota who is not complaining about the snow, rather having a bit of fun with it. Each year, when there is enough snow, he piles it and carves out Big Bob, a snowman that continues to get taller.
“I’ve been doing this for 4-5 years, when there is snow. Each year I try to get it a foot higher,” Plesuk said. “I think I am pretty much to the limit of my tractor and my skills but maybe I can figure something out for the years to come.”
When Big Bob was born he stood at 9 feet. Plesuk said he tries to outdo himself each year.

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