May 3, 2012

Teacher pay, benefits still being negotiated

Teacher pay, benefits still being negotiated

Amiable conversations two nights earlier turned to angst April 25.
Garrison School Board members and teachers began to crunch numbers to arrive at a salary schedule for the next school year. Teachers complained that more than numbers were being crunched as experienced teachers were being squeezed out as raises go to beginning teachers.
The board offered a 2 percent increase in salary, a 2 percent increase toward the teacher’s retirement and a cap on the contribution to the teacher’s retirement. Teachers counter offered with a 3 percent increase in salary and agreed to the 2 percent toward the teacher’s retirement with no cap on the retirement contribution. The next meeting is set for 8 p.m. May 7, allowing time for both sides to return to their parent group.
On the negotiating team for the teachers was Jason Ermer, Kim Gehring, Lori Betz and Dan Splichal. School board negotiators were Janis Sloka, Duane Hummel and Rodger Affeldt.

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