July 19, 2017

The art of the sport

Kolden brothers set for Governor’s Cup
The 42nd annual North Dakota Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament is this weekend. One thing’s for sure, you can count on Craig and Chris Kolden to be there.
Fishing’s become a passion in the Kolden households. If there’s a tournament, chances are the brothers are in it.
While the two partner in a number of tournaments, when it comes to the Governor’s Cup, they go their separate ways, but there’s a reason.
“We don’t fish the Governor’s Cup together because we both have confidence in certain areas of the lake,” Craig said. “Instead of bumping heads with each other on where we fish we just work together and cover territory during practice.
Another reason is the memory of a lost partner for Craig, Luke Hasenwinkel.
“Luke was my partner for a few years and it took awhile to realize he won’t be my partner again,” Craig shared.

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