May 11, 2016

The aviator


Garrison’s Jerry Miller is one who looks to the sky. If he’s not farming, he’s often flying.

Miller set a goal a few years ago to fly to every airport in North Dakota.

The idea to visit every airport in the state became the perfect antidote to what was turning into being a long year, 2011. He needed something to occupy his mind. Miller recalls the period.

"It was a miserable year," he said. "We only got half a crop in as it was so wet"

Their rural farm home was struck by lightning and there was a fire.

The Passport Program was initiated the year before. The timing couldn’t have come at a better time. A goal was set. He would visit every airport in North Dakota.

He and 14 other pilots were recently honored for their accomplishment by the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission for participating in the "Fly North Dakota Airports" Passport Program.

The program awards pilots for flying to multiple airports in the state, attending FFA Safety Seminars and visiting the two N.D. air museums.

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