May 24, 2017

The race has come to an end

Relay for Life calls it quits in McLean County
After years of supporting the American Cancer Society, the McLean County Relay for Life was eliminated by budget cuts.
Team leaders recently received an email from Kent Anderson, McLean County Relay for Life staff partner with the American Cancer Society, explaining what exactly happened to the relay in McLean County. It said:
 Recently, the American Cancer Society, on a National level, evaluated Relay For Life events and other fundraising events to assess return on investment and resources used to implement them,  continuing with:  they want to make sure the greatest possible return on our donors  and volunteers  investment is our mission, to save as many lives as possible.
The society said there are events that would be eliminated due to reducing staff and time used to implement them.
“Unfortunately, McLean County is one of these events. This is a difficult conversation to have and we know you will have questions,” Anderson said in the email. “Please know that we greatly appreciate all of the work you have done in the fight against cancer. We will support you as best as we can if you choose to still hold an event or do any type of fundraising.”
In conclusion the society provided some options for McLean County, moving forward.

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