January 6, 2011

There’s been a lot of ‘digging out’

There’s been a lot of ‘digging out’
Snow continues to pile up throughout the area


It’s great to break records, to exceed beyond preset limits. While it is exhilarating when some records are broken others are best left alone. Among those that might fall int0 that category are those that have to do with weather extremes.
Unfortunately, it appears that the winter of 2010-11 just could pan out to be another snowfall record-breaker for the local area. Setting a weather-related record means reaching an extreme. As a general rule, extreme weather is not a good thing!
If forecasters are correct, the winter of 2010-11 just might become the new record-holder for snowfall in many parts of the state.
During the 2009-10 winter season, Garrison’s official snowfall total was a record-breaker when a total of 76.5 inches of snow fell in the city. (According to the National Climate Data Center in Asheville, N.C. the previous record was in 1998-99 when 65.3 inches was recorded).
What is interesting about last winter’s snow total is that by the end of December 2009, snow on the ground measured a mere 6 inches. The bulk of the seasonal snowfall arrived during the early months of 2010.
By contrast, snowfall in Garrison during the 2010-11 winter season has already reached almost 50 inches – nearly all received before the end of December. At the end 2010, the ground was covered with 20 inches of snow – more than three times the depth recorded at the end of 2009. And there are still at least three more snow-producing months to go.
Could that mean another record-breaking year?
According to National Weather Service predictions, there is a 33-40 percent chance of above normal precipitation from January through March. If the prediction becomes reality, it seems plausible that this season’s snowfall could creep above the record amount that fell during 2009-10 winter season.

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