September 25, 2008

Three generations of queens

The suspense was mounting. In just a few moments, an announcement would declare who would reign as Garrison High School’s 2008 homecoming royalty. The moment finally arrived; Marcus Johnson was named homecoming king. Stephanie Stumvoll was named homecoming queen.

And, as could be expected at a homecoming event, the audience included numerous GHS alumni. Among those who attended were Lisa Stumvoll and Clara Thompson. The two bear special note. Not only are the two women Steph’s mother and grandmother, they too had been GHS homecoming royalty.

Steph’s selection as 2008 homecoming queen has created a unique phenomenon – three generations of "queens." It also provides an opportunity to look back, to see how homecoming has changed through the years.

Homecoming 1954

Clara Norquist was a junior when she was nominated as one of three candidates for 1954 homecoming queen.

"The school’s lettermen voted for who would be candidates," Clara said. She noted that Dennis Thompson, her high school sweetheart and fellow classmate, was a member of the football team and one of the lettermen.

The GHS students voted for homecoming queen the morning of the big game against the Wilton Miners. The winner was kept secret until halftime when the team’s co-captains placed a homemade crown on Clara’s head.

Unlike the sparkling tiaras that Lisa and Steph were to wear in later years, Clara’s crown appears to be made of lightweight cardboard that is covered with white satin. It is decorated with a "G" of blue glitter and a band of blue ribbon along the bottom. The keepsake, now flattened, is preserved in a scrapbook along with black and white photos and other high school mementos.


Three generations of queens

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