March 2, 2016

Time to upgrade infrastructure?


It’s like floating down a cavernous cave, the walls slowly closing in, smaller, smaller, smaller. That’s what Garrison city officials see when they look at videos of areas of municipal sewer lines scoped with a camera last summer.

Those lines, like those that carry fresh water, are aging and at the end of their lifespan.

How much should be done? The analogy is, do you frost one piece of cake, satisfying a few consumers or do you ice the whole cake, complete the task and satisfy the whole group?

That scenario, only with the cake being water and sewer mains, is what the Garrison Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee discussed Monday.

City officials realize the condition of water and sewer piping is deficient. Much of the city’s water and sewer infrastructure was installed in the 1950s, though some of it probably dates back to the 1930s and earlier.

Jeffers said that doesn’t mean it ceases to function tomorrow, but it does mean city officials need to start actively planning for its replacement and/or repair.

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