May 16, 2013

Totten Trail’ has new owners

Totten Trail’ has new owners
Business will re-open May 25

After months of inactivity, there’s new life at the Totten Trail Resort.
The business, under new ownership, will re-open Saturday, May 25.
Tim Aman, Nik Walz and Mark Petesch, all of Bismarck, purchased the business May 1 from Curt Dahl, also of Bismarck.
Aman, a spokesperson for the partners, said work to renovate the building has already been extensive – primarily gutting the bar and kitchen area. By the time the business opens, he said the bar will be totally refurbished and limited food service will be available.
Aman said the bar area will be enlarged and will feature a “black marble look”with matching chairs. Other enhancements will include flat-screen TVs and walls dressed with car-siding. A top to bottom renovation, new ceilings and rubber flooring will be installed. The bar will boast a sports-theme décor. “It’s going to be a beautiful bar,” Aman said.
Step two of the renovation will be tackling the restaurant portion of the business. That too, will be enlarged. The expansion will be into the area that originally served as a riding arena. The kitchen will also be moved to the arena area. Aman described their restaurant concept as “rustic elegance.” He added, “We want this to be a family-style restaurant.” He said he envisions an upscale eating experience, akin to a steakhouse. The target date for completion of the food portion of the service is late summer or early fall.

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