April 13, 2016

Tower paint scheme revealed


Garrison is noted for being the home to a number of landmarks – Wally the Walleye, Dickens Village Festival, Lake Sakakawea and the "Hot" and "Cold" twin water towers.

With construction of a new, larger capacity structure, the twin towers will soon to be no more. So, what about a new trademark? One that shows fishing is a draw to the community.

The "Cold" tower was demolished last year to make way for the new 500,000-gallon tank.

With the construction completed last fall, the days of the "Hot" tower are numbered. Work is scheduled to resume on the new water tower in the near future.

Since construction began, city officials have debated what the new tower should look like, what color scheme to use.

A new idea has been brought to the council’s attention, one that could spark new interest and conversation – painting the water tower to look like a bobber on water. The city’s motto, "Get Hooked on Garrison" with a caricature of Wally, would be added to the tower to welcome guests.

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