October 17, 2013

Towering question: Council mulls location


The location for Garrison’s proposed new water tower has been narrowed to three.

The locations are all within close proximity of one another. Option 1 is near the swimming pool and tennis court. Option 2 is a vacant lot north of the Jake Thiessen residence. The property is owned by the Sorensen family. Option 3 would be in the northwest corner of the Garrison High football field.

All are pretty viable, said Mayor Shannon Jeffers.

Other tower options, proposed at recent council meetings, were dismissed.

At a special meeting of the city council Wednesday, Oct. 9, Randy Wall, senior project engineer with Moore Engineering, Inc., Minot, said the city is "seeking to conduct a collaborative process to determine which site" would offer the most value to the community.

"The city recognizes there are potential advantages to each," Wall said.

Part of the proposal would be a new return water line that would connect the proposed new tower to the water treatment plant.

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