December 1, 2011

Trail idea revived

Trail idea revived

Want to take a hike along a long path or trail?
Would you like to go for a bike ride, free of the concern from traffic?
How about a jog?
It’s not going to happen in or around Garrison unless you go to Fort Stevenson State Park to trek the Flickertrail. Wouldn’t it be nice to bike, hike or jog to the state park? Or in Garrison?
Members of the Garrison Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee resurrected the idea of a biking/hiking/jogging trail at their meeting Monday. The trail would connect the state park with the community. Members also went one step further, suggesting development of a path that would connect the baseball field, football field, swimming pool, high school, elementary school, indoor ice rink, skate park and Wilderness Park. That project could be done in smaller increments over a period of time, the group thought.
Members wondered – there are many other communities in the area with trails. Many are concrete or asphalt. Why doesn’t Garrison?
Engineering has been completed, and funding was in place more than 10 years ago for a path to Fort Stevenson. The original trail was 10-foot wide and ADA accessible. Plans date back to 1985. (See related time line)

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