August 31, 2016

Transportation issue rolls on

In-town transportation of students by Garrison School is at an end. The decision was made days before the opening of school. That doesn’t mean the issue is resolved.
A solution remains elusive, and only a handful of recommendations or suggestions have been presented to school officials.
Since the board’s decision Aug. 16, feedback has varied. Negative comments have come through social media.
On the other side, school officials said many have come out in support of the school, stating it is a parent’s responsibility to get their child to and from school.
For years, the district offered rides to students who were going from the elementary school to the high school, going to birthdays, day cares or to a friend’s house.
Change is hard.
Now, with the bus door closed to those riders, some parents are feeling pinched.
Garrison Superintendent Nick Klemisch clarified a statement in last week’s (Aug. 25) Independent stating the district is only required to transport students to and from school. He said that is incorrect.
Klemisch said bus service is an option of a school district. He referred to Century Code that says the board of a school district may provide for the transportation of a student to and from school.
“Basically, they leave it open ended as to what we would deem necessary with board policy dictating,” he told the Garrison Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee, Monday.
“It is not required. Most districts would state it is a privilege, not a right, to ride the school bus,” he said.

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