March 18, 2015

Trees dominate board meeting


Obstructive trimming deadline April 1


A forest of tree issues kept Garrison Parks and Rec. officials busy during their regular monthly meeting this past week.

The board heard residents continue to take their tree issues to city officials or city hall.

At the Garrison City Council meeting March 2, city officials washed their hands of dealing with tree matters reiterating anything related to trees is the responsibility of the parks and rec. department.

One of the issues deals with trees obstructing intersections that must be trimmed. Letters were sent to a handful of property owners this past fall. Followup letters have been sent, reminding that trees must be trimmed.

Wanting to resolve when that is done, the board set Wednesday, April 1 as the deadline. If trees haven’t been trimmed by that date, a tree trimming business will be hired to do the job. The expense will be assessed to the property owner’s tax statement. City Attorney Jim Wilson will be notified.

Board members plan to conduct their annual canvass of the community in early June looking for dead or diseased trees that need to be removed. Those trees will be marked with a large "X." Property owners will be notified by mail and have 30 days to remove those trees or have them removed by a contractor and be billed for the cost. The amount would be added to the property owners’ tax statement.

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