June 25, 2009

Trying to preserve the Garrison area’s past

Trying to preserve the Garrison area’s past
Summer Intern
A piece of Garrison’s heritage is in need of help. “We need to preserve this history and pass it on not only to the citizens of Garrison, but to our visitors as well,” said Bruce Schreiner, Garrison Chamber of Commerce President.
And now, the future of Garrison’s Heritage Park will soon be in the hands of the community. A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening to help decide the future of the park, and Schreiner thinks that there is already support for this project.
“Garrison is a great community and we seem to always come together to save important resources that we have,” Schreiner noted. He added that some community groups did step up this year to do some spring cleaning in the buildings.
Since the early 70s, volunteers have maintained the small museum “village,” but that is now proving to be difficult. Members of the Heritage Park Foundation have cited dwindling numbers and aging members as cause for concern.
While no plans for the park’s future have been decided, Schreiner said “The park has a lot of Garrison’s history stored there … there needs to be either some group to take over or several groups to work together to help.”
The park consists of seven historically significant buildings which include a railroad depot, a church, a telephone office, a schoolhouse, a cabin and two homes.

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