April 19, 2017

Under the state’s wing

Senate bill shifts
social services cost
Could a tax saving be coming McLean County’s way? It’s entirely possible.
Senate bill, SB 2206, would have the state taking over the costs for county social services. It would be for a two-year trial period.
According to Auditor Les Korgel, in McLean County’s case, it could save the taxpayers roughly $1 million.
The flip side is this proposal would also eliminate the 12 percent state credit which this year was just over $1,700,000 for all of the taxing districts in McLean County. That boils down to an additional cost of $700,000 to county taxpayers.
District 8 State Sen. Howard Anderson, a Republican from Turtle Lake, said SB 2206 will eliminate 20 mills of property taxing authority from the counties.
“On balance we should see a net savings in McLean County,” Anderson said. “Just how much remains to be seen.”
In the overall picture Anderson and Korgel think the state taking over social services would be a good thing.
Because in the long run I think the citizens would get a more consistent tax savings and (it would be) easier for the state to fund,” Korgel said.

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