July 9, 2009

Wally’s Cook-off set for July 15

Wally’s Cook-off set for July 15
Event to include ‘Garrison Idol’ contest
Interested in showing off your cooking prowess? There’s still time to sign up for Wally’s Cook-off.
The event, sponsored by the Garrison Chamber of Commerce Community Development Committee, will be at the Garrison City Park Wednesday, July 15.
Promoters clarify that the event is not a walleye cook-off contest.
Committee members note that cooking shows and cook-offs have become popular and trendy.
“And grilling is a popular summer activity, that’s why we thought up the idea of combining the two,” said Mike Matteson, committee member. “It should be a fun time for all the participants and those who attend.”
Why Wally? Committee members note that the event will be at the Garrison City Park, which is sometimes referred to as Wally’s Park.
Final categories have not been established, but will include beef, pork and chicken.
Sarah Gehring, another committee member, explained that at the competition, participants will not know what meat they will be required to prepare. The two-person teams will be provided an unknown meat as well as side dish items to complete their meal. Visitors will be able to watch the contestants prepare their meal, she added. Participants are required to provide their own grill and seasonings. Cost to participate in the cook-off is $25.

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