March 21, 2018

Wanted:city candidates

Filing deadline is Friday, April 9
Area city officials are sweating as the filing deadline for election petitions nears. Garrison has one petition turned in, while max has none.
The current situation poses the question, “who will step up and fill the vacant seats?”
According to Garrison City Auditor Diane Affeldt, this is a common problem surfacing in smaller towns. She said it was one of the talking points at the recent League of Cities March Madness convention.
Potential candidates for the Garrison City Council are encouraged to pick up nomination forms and start collecting signatures for the June city election.
Garrison’s municipal election coincides with the Tuesday, June 12 Primary Election.
City officials remind petitioners have until 4 p.m., April 9, to turn in their petitions to have their name placed on the City Election ballot.
City offices to be filled at the June Election include: Mayor  four-year term, current mayor is Shannon Jeffers, Council – four-year term three positions available, held currently by Roy McKenzie, David Reinarts and Paul Schlichting, Municipal Judge – unexpired two-year term, currently held by Matthew Zimney.

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