March 14, 2013

Waste, crew housing, RV changes OK’d

Waste, crew housing, RV changes OK’d
By Michael Johnson
BHG News Service

All actions approved by the McLean County Planning and Zoning board in its last meeting were recently approved of by the McLean County commission. Such items included amendments and additions to an ordinance which gave the planning and zoning authority over waste disposal in the county; an ordinance that sets parameters on recreational vehicle use; and an ordinance on the establishment of crew housing facilities.
Waste disposal
The waste disposal changes drew the most public comment at the planning and zoning, and once again at the county commission meeting. Washburn resident Dennis Kost was present to comment that the commission should take its time before approving the changes. He said his comments were based on his background as a scientist, landowner and grandfather.
“Currently North Dakota allows no radioactive waste in North Dakota,” Kost said. “Within a year that law is more than likely going to change.”
Kost pointed to talk of a proposed waste disposal site that he claims Great River Energy is planning in the county. He feared that the county was giving up its local control and giving it to a health department run by groups that have a stake in the oil and gas division.

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