March 21, 2013

Waste site opposed

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Waste site opposed


Their voices rang loud and clear throughout the Ralph Wells Memorial Complex: “Get the hell out.”
White Shield residents said they have had enough of being lied to – believing initially a well site was coming to the White Shield area, when in reality an oil and gas waste pit was being developed.
Tuesday night, those residents wanted answers, not more betrayal. The target of their anger was Marvin Danks, project coordinator for the waste site project. But others who dared step to the podium were also scrutinized for their actions in the solid waste pit project. Speakers included TAT Acting Environmental Director Edmund Baker; Jeff Hunt, BIA official, and Fred Fox, White Shield Segment representative and TAT Natural Resource Committee chairperson.
Baker laid out a time-frame of how things transpired. He said he heard of the solid waste project near White Shield in late 2012 from Danks. But steps were skipped in the permitting process.

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