April 21, 2011

Water for sale?

Water for sale?

Garrison city officials said the timing couldn’t be better.
The community is facing what officials say is an insurmountable task of major repairs to streets this summer (See related story). The damage has been caused by excess ground water that is making some road beds feel like driving on a sponge. Council members are wondering where the cash will come from to make those repairs.
Imagine if there were funds available to make those repairs, and then some.
Homeowners are battling an onslaught of problems as water continues to seep into basements. City officials speculate that the water table is three feet from the surface. No wonder there are water problems.
Imagine if some of that ground water pressure could be relieved.
Enter Steve Sayler, water foreman with Mann Enterprises, LLC, New Town.
Sayler, who is a Garrison resident, met with council members April 19. He shared that his firm is willing to draw an estimated 1 million gallons of water a week from the municipal well aquifer. The water would be transported to oil fields in Mountrail County.
“We can come in and set up all the pumps … we just need a couple days notice, as long as we have access to the aquifer,” Sayler told the council.

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