October 29, 2010

Water solution evaporates

Water solution evaporates

It’s not water under the bridge. But it just as well could be.
The problem of a high water table in Garrison is not going away – at least anytime soon a ssome would hope. And it looks an idea of pulling water from the city’s well to ease the situation would be futile.
The water situation was the main topic Monday at the Garrison Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee.
Presenting an emailed letter from engineer Jim Lennington of Bartlett & West and filling in for Mayor Shannon Jeffers was Alderman Richard Lehnherr.
“According to the letter, pumping the aquifer wouldn’t make any difference,” he told the group. I don’t think it will reduce the level.”
Lennington was contacted about the situation following the October City council meeting. In his response, Lennington said he contacted Steve Pusc at the State Water Commission for his input. Pusc is a veteran groundwater hydrologist. Pusc told Lennington that pumping the municipal well would have no effect on the water tables in Garrison.

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