March 30, 2016

Water thicker than oil

Corps hears fears about lake pipelines


Oil makes the world go around.

But in Sakakawea Country, even though the Bakken is center stage, oil takes a backseat when it comes to priorities. Top of the list is water.

Corps of Engineers hosted an open forum in Garrison, following a meal provided by the Friends of Lake Sakakawea. Guests were officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices in Riverdale and Omaha.

More than 125 attended to hear what is going on around and under Lake Sakakawea when it comes to oil and gas pipelines and the permitting process.

The Corps got an earful.

The overwhelming concern is safety. It only takes one spill or leak and the lifeblood of communities who rely on the lake for water will be gone. Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy recreation opportunities the lake offers would be left holding an empty net. It’s the public’s lake.

Corps officials tried to assure the crowd they are doing everything in their power to ensure no accident happens.

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